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The Fiador Knot - found on Horse Tack and Rope Halters

Fiador knots as found on horse rope halters

One of the most common and most complex appearing knots you will find on horse tack is the fiador. By definition, this is a four strand diamond knot where six of the eight ends loop back into the center of the knot. This allows it to be tied using loops in a single piece of line rather than requiring four separate rope segments. This is extremely useful in horse tack applications because it lets you put a knot and tie loops in a single piece of equiptment. Rope halters almost always have a fiador knot between the bottom of the nose and the loops for attaching your lead rope.

Roping Machine Freight on the Rise

The $195 roping machine flat freight will expire October 1, 2014. The new flat rate roping dummy freight will rise to $250.00.

Reviews From Coolhorse Customers This Month Including Smarty Roping Dummy, Saddle Shims, & Ranch Ropes

Smarty the Steer Team Roping Dummy & Sled

★★★★★ 5 out of 5 stars. Anonymous · 19 hours ago
Best dummy on the market.
Strong dependable and problem free after one year. Great shipping and price. all you need.

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Buying & Selling Trophy Saddles

Trophy saddles and how to value them

Questions about trophy saddle values are common at Coolhorse. Some people love 'em, while others would rather leave 'em.

How a Curb Chain Works on Your Horse


Curb chains are an essential part of any curb bit bridle, but do you know how they function? Most people would give you a short answer that they put pressure under the horse's chin. Curb chains do exert pressure on the horse's jaw under his mouth, but they also do much more.