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Patterns from Classic Equine now available with DyNo No-Turn Bell Boot Construction


Classic Equine has always made one of the toughest, most durable bell boots in the business with their DyNo No-Turn design made out of 2520 denier DynoHyde material. Arguably the best quality of these bell boots is the shock absorbing center along with the contoured fit to keep them properly placed for the best protection.

AC Outlet Circuit Tester for verification of proper wiring at Fairgrounds, Campsites and RV Places.

Less than $20.00, a few minutes and a couple of steps could possibly save you and your horse from serious injury or death from electrocution. The cause is typically faulty or improperly wired hookups we plug into whether it happens to be Fairgrounds, Campsite, RV Place or even a residents it needs to be checked. So before you plug-in to any outlet you should always check it first with an AC Outlet Circuit Tester , like this one from Prime Products.

Ideal Headstall For The Working Men And Women In The Horse Industry


Are you looking for a durable, long-lasting headstall? San Saba Equine has made an outstanding headstall just for you! This headstall is a slot ear made of heavy harness leather with simple stainless steel buckles. Don't let the reasonable price fool ya, you really are getting a bang for your buck. Real working cowboys have hand selected it the best value. We know that it isn't easy to tell quality over the web, but trust us, San Saba Equine is not fooling you with this one, nor are we. This headstall is not stiff and hard to break in, it's flexible and easy to work with.